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Heinrich tool box

A lot of folks have never seen the inside of a Heinrich toolbox, so here you go! As you can see, there is a bracket just behind the fuel filler that the lock in the aluminum lid engages. The bracket is adjustable to get a good fit for the top. At the very back of the toolbox you can just see the edge of the hole in the toolbox base. This is the rear mounting bracket, and indicates that this Heinrich is for a /5 - /7 machine.

Hoske seat #1

What's not commonly known about Hoske is that they marketed their own line of seats for BMWs, and that these seats were the only items that would work with a few of their tanks. Here is a photo of one such combination. The nose of the seat is gone, and this is necessary because the tank has no cutout to clear any seat.

Hoske seat #2

Here is a second view of the seat, shown from above. The "snub nose" is easily seen from this angle. Note that the tank also has mounting points up on top for a tool box or pad of some type.

Hoske seat #3

Here is a close up shot of the "Ernst Hoske" nameplate on the back of the (above) seat.

conversion with Hoske

A nice looking & well executed /2 conversion with a 50 liter Hoske tank.

R68 with parade tank

Here's the first "parade tank" that I've seen on a plunger bike. This one an R68. For all those folks out there that lust after one of these - it wouldn't be hard to take a nice stock tank, chrome it,  and reproduce this look - British bike owners deal with this all the time.

R26 parade tank

On an earlier page I told you I'd try to track down a better photo of an R26/R27 "parade tank". Well here you go. This shot came from the long time owner of this tank, who also had (until a year or so ago) the white /2 Sport parade tank a few screens back. This one is NOS as well.

R26 parade tank

Another view of the same tank. Surprisingly, the fellow that sent me these shots said that the quality of the factory paint & chrome on these two tanks was not that good. Note the cherry red coating inside the tank.


Recently I got an email with this attached photo asking "what kind of tank is this?" BMW emblem aside, I believe that this is actually a Russian tank. Many of the parts on Russian bikes will interchange with BMW items, down to the emblems on the gas tank. As I attend a few more European swap meets I'll try to find a complete bike with this tank on it, and try to identify the model of bike this is for.

Habermann tank

A period photo of /5 BMW fitted with a Habermann tank and Munch front brake.

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